Standing Out during the Pandemic with Your Brand Story

How Your Brand Story Can Set You Apart During COVID in San Diego, CA

Connecting with other people during this time can feel like a challenge. But during the era of COVID-19, your brand story can set you apart from your competition. This requires some creativity and storytelling. Most of all, it requires giving yourself permission to market during these difficult times. The world hasn’t stopped. People still need things. You offer products or services that can help your customers. Don’t be afraid to promote them. The experienced professionals from Saba SEO, an industry-leading online marketing and web design company in San Diego, offer these tips on how your brand story can help you stand out during COVID-19.

Hero with a Purpose

You offer a product or service, and your customer is the hero. You want to help your customer solve a problem, achieve a dream, or get through life now. Find a way to tell the story of your hero customer and how your product or service fits in with his or her purpose. How can you help your customers achieve their goals?


Right now, customers are looking for someone they can trust. Showing integrity in how you make and sell your product as well as how customers can safely obtain your product is key. This story can be told on both social media and your website. Let customers know you have a safety plan so they’re confident you’ve taken precautions to ensure they get their products safely.


What information can you share that could give your customers special service in the comfort and safety of their own homes? Sharing your famous cookie recipe or demonstrating a way to create a Zoom party around using your product are some of the clever ways you can remain in the minds of your customers. They’ll remember this after the pandemic is over and remain loyal customers.

Showcase People

Showcase your frontline workers. Thank those who are helping others during this difficult time. Showing gratitude toward others helps everyone else feel more grateful. Those good feelings will always be associated with your brand well after the pandemic is finally over. 

The digital marketing professionals at Saba SEO, one of the top marketing companies San Diego businesses trust for integrity, unmatched expertise, and outstanding service, can help you revise your digital marketing strategy in a smart, responsible way during this time of crisis. We assist clients with social media marketing, SEO, PPC, web design and development, and Internet marketing. Call one of our specialists today at 858-277-1717.