Boosting Your SEO with Google Lens

Increasing Your SEO with Google Lens in San Diego, CA

Google Lens is the latest tool to increase your SEO. It’s a visual search tool. Previously, only metadata and labels could help Google determine what an image was. Now, Google Lens changes that game. What is Google Lens, and how can visual searches help your SEO? Here’s what the San Diego SEO experts from Saba SEO have to say about Google Lens.

What Is Google Lens?

What is Google Lens in the first place? Just a few years ago, Google developed technology to recognize images, and it’s now available on Android phones. Using the camera on the phone, you can point it toward an object, and Google Lens will read the barcode or QR code. It can even read text and labels. Then it shares all the information you need to know about the object. Why is this important to your SEO? Because it’s one more tool that shows the Google bots that your content is related to the photos that accompany it. This demonstrates your authority and knowledge of a subject.

Google Lens Continues to Improve

As a relatively new technology, Google Lens continues to improve. Reading photos is a major new frontier for Google. This technology was first used in Google Glasses. Now, Google wants to continue to improve this technology in their quest to become the ultimate knowledge base.

What Do You Need to Do?

Make sure your photo information is correct. This includes a prominent logo and visible branding.

Alt Tags

The alt tags attached to a photo need to include the main keywords, branded keywords, and other information that will be important in any sort of SEO search. Alt tags continue to play a big part in SEO best practices.

Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF)

The date with your EXIF should be optimized for Google Lens to take advantage of the information. This will help your image and content rank higher. 

This revolutionary visual search tool from Google can have a huge impact on search engine optimization. If you want to know how Google Lens can impact your online ranking or you need help developing a comprehensive SEO strategy for your business, turn to Saba SEO, a premier San Diego SEO company with more than fifteen years of experience in utilizing a variety of state-of-the-art SEO tools to design winning online marketing strategies for clients all over the world. To create a robust search engine marketing plan for your business, get in touch with us at 858-277-1717.