How Can Hashtags Increase Your Online Presence?

Hashtags and Online Marketing

Hashtags can effectively boost your presence online and help organize relevant online content. If you’re one of the many businesses foregoing hashtags all together, take a moment to consider how the pound sign may play a role in increasing visibility among your desired audience.

1. Becoming a Part of Trending Conversations

Adding relevant hashtags to your posts allows your comments to become a part of a greater conversation. Twitter, the platform most often associated with hashtags, displays the top trending tags. Trendsmap is an independent tool that allows you to see what’s trending based on location.

2. Encouraging Others to Share Your Content

Hashtags can encourage others following the same conversation to share it without too much effort. While search engine optimization can help increase the visibility of your content, hashtags help by further cutting through the clutter.

3. Running Campaigns Across Multiple Channels

The hashtag has become the most-used social media identifier now that most platforms are using it. Hashtags within your posts can place your content in front of your target audience regardless of what platform they’re using.

4. Creating an Engaging Story

Since content can be conveniently strung together with hashtags, you can easily tell a story with multiple posts and images. Your “story” can be anything from a promotion for an upcoming event to a current marketing campaign leading to a big reveal at the end. Many social followers you’ll pick up along the way are likely to become curious enough about your brand to want to check out what you have to offer.

You’re likely to get twice as much engagement through effective tweets peppered with well-researched hashtags than messages posted without them. As a tool for online engagement and organization, however, the hashtag is only going to be effective when coupled with fresh, relevant content.

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