4 Things to Know When Using Links for SEO

Link Building Strategy in San Diego, CA

Links are very important for SEO, but not all links have an equal impact on search rankings. Understanding the difference between navigation, content, header, and footer links can help you optimize your site. San Diego SEO internet marketing experts at Saba SEO discuss four ways links impact search engine optimization.

1. Content Links Are Usually the Most Important

A link in the content of your page will almost always carry more weight than a link in your header, footer, or navigation. Links in the footer are usually the least valuable, and sometimes they may not carry any weight at all.

2. More Visible Links Get More Weight

The more noticeable your link and anchor text is, the more weight it will have with Google. Small links and tiny fonts that are hardly noticeable to your site visitors will probably not boost your SEO rankings. It’s much better to have helpful and accessible links your audience will actually see.

3. Text Links Are Usually Better Than Image Links

Text links can boost search ranking, and they typically perform better than image links, JavaScript links, and other links. Many site developers make the mistake of linking an image to another page and also including the link in the caption with keyword-rich anchors. However, Google will only consider the image link because it appears first, so the site doesn’t benefit from the link with the keyword-rich anchor.

4. Using the Same Link and Anchor Too Often Will Result in a Penalty

In some cases, using the same links on most of your site pages is fine. For example, important and relevant links in your footer probably won’t be penalized. However, spamming your site visitors with unhelpful links on every page can get you in trouble. Instead of including dozens of links on every page, you can include a link to your About Us page or Products page, and these pages can include more specific links.

Creating unique web content with sufficient inbound and outbound links can be a challenging task. If you’re planning to incorporate link building into your SEO strategy, the team at Saba SEO can help. As the leading search engine optimization agency San Diego has to offer, we provide web design and development, content writing, and SEO services you can trust. Our experts can devise comprehensive SEO and link building strategies for your business that are sure to boost your search engine ranking. To talk to one of our SEO experts, call us at 858-951-1717 today.