Using Basic Psychology to Write Catchy Content

Figure Out How to Trick the Human Mind for SEO Purposes in San Diego, CA

As a trusted SEO company in San Diego, we know first hand what a challenge it can be to write compelling content day after day. Since psychology is concerned with how the human mind works, it only makes sense that basic principles of psychology would be relevant to how people respond to your blog posts, articles, videos or advertisements. Let’s look at a few principles of psychology that can be especially helpful in this regard.

The Need to Belong

This is a very basic human need that probably has a basis in genetics as well as psychology. It refers to the need to belong to a family, tribe, organization, clique or some type of group. If you want to convince people of something, it’s always helpful to remind them that a large or significant group of people already thinks this way. That’s why links to authority sources, statistics about group behavior, or testimonials for products work so well. All of these contain the message, “If you agree with this, you will be joining this group.”

Fear of Scarcity

The fear of scarcity is another deep-rooted psychological principle commonly applied in online marketing. When something is scarce, it is often perceived as more valuable. Phrases like “supplies are limited,” “offer expires in 7 days” or “only the first 10 people who respond will get the bonus” all promote the idea that whatever is being offered won’t be around for long. There are many ways to do this, but in all cases you are telling people that either time or a certain product is about to run out. This motivates people to take action so they don’t miss out on a limited resource.

Loss Aversion

Another important principle of psychology has to do with the fear of loss. For most people, the fear of losing what they already have is more powerful than the desire to gain something new. That’s why savvy marketers often employ risk reduction or even risk reversal tactics. These include free trials, money back guarantees and, in some cases, the promise to give buyers back more money than they initially paid if they return the item. These tactics help alleviate the fear of loss, making the offer more attractive and less anxiety provoking.

These are just a few of the principles of psychology that can make your content and marketing efforts more effective. The more you know about the human mind, the better you can communicate with any audience.

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