2020: Tips for Video Marketing

Video Marketing in 2020 in San Diego, CA

Video continues to be king. Are you using video in your business marketing? Many brands are finding videos enhance their social media presence, and they use videos in their YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook marketing. Videos are often shared and increase brand awareness with a new audience. Ready to try video in your marketing strategy? Whether you’re creating videos on your own or outsourcing the task to a premier digital marketing and SEO company in San Diego, here are some tips on how to optimize video marketing in 2020.

Plan Your Content

What are your goals with video? Do you want to demonstrate how to use your products? Do you have new products that warrant a series of unboxing videos? Create a list of the different types of videos you can create.

Find Out What Your Customers Like

Try making several types of videos. Monitor the number of views and read the comments on the videos you post. This can help you determine what sorts of videos attract your brand’s customers.

Offer Value in Your Videos

Videos shouldn’t be used as simply tools to sell products. Your videos should offer something valuable to your customers. People should learn something new, get fresh ideas, or gain inspiration from your videos. Customers will continue to return to your videos if you give them something they value.

Be Consistent

Always be consistent with your video spokespeople. Your videos are conversations with your customers, and your spokesperson is the personification of your product.

Use Keywords in the Titles

Always include some keywords in the titles of your videos because those titles show up in search results. This is a great way for new customers to find your business.

Be Interesting

Make your videos interesting. Write scripts, use attractive backgrounds, and make sure your verbal communication is clear. This will keep customers watching your videos, boosting your SEO and brand recognition.

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