How WhatsApp Can Be an Essential Part of Your 2020 Marketing Strategy

Can WhatsApp Be an Essential Part of Your 2020 Marketing Strategy in San Diego, CA

Boasting more than a billion active users in 180 countries, WhatsApp is a free mobile application that allows for the sharing of messages, files, and images. It also supports video and voice calls for free. And thanks to the launch of WhatsApp Business, it can also be a valuable marketing tool. Take a moment to learn what the experts from Saba SEO, the specialists in Internet marketing San Diego businesses have relied on for almost fifteen years, have to say about why marketing via this app is important in 2020.

Added Privacy & Security

Consumers today are more concerned about privacy than ever, which is why WhatsApp is appealing, since its messages are encrypted. Even with WhatsApp Business, each account has to be verified, which provides added peace of mind.

Easy Accessibility & Quick Replies

WhatsApp’s messaging feature allows for real-time alerts and updates. It can also be used to quickly answer customer questions and address concerns from users in any location. This matters because more than 60 percent of consumers say good customer service is one of their main deciding factors when it comes to shopping decisions.

Quick Replies is a WhatsApp feature that allows customers to opt in so they can get fast, secure answers to questions. It’s an appealing perk because more than half of all consumers say they prefer to access customer service via messaging rather than over the phone.

Customer Insights

The messaging feature on WhatsApp Business also has the potential to give you access to customer insights that can be applied to all your marketing efforts. For example, messaging can be used to: 

  • Ask questions to get a better understanding of customer preferences
  • Send surveys prior to a product launch
  • Boost engagement and learn what matters most to your customers

While WhatsApp tends to skew younger in terms of demographics, it’s an application that has broad appeal across multiple age ranges. It’s also a form of engagement that can be used to expand your brand’s reach to millennial and Gen Z consumers who appreciate and expect personalized interactions. What’s more, messages sent via WhatsApp can be peppered with engaging elements like GIFs, photos, videos, and even smartphone-readable QR codes.

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