3 Quick SEO Tips for Video Marketing

Use Video Marketing to Boost SEO Rankings

With the emergence of video parsing and Google’s Hummingbird search engine algorithm update, content marketing has seen a new explosion of informational videos driving San Diego SEM efforts. The challenge has now become one of creating video content that is both useful to the consumer and optimized for search engine rankings. In a wasteland of shrinking attention spans and information overload, your video needs to serve relevant, high-quality content that lowers your bounce rate and keeps viewers on your site.

1. Keep It Simple and Straightforward

Viewer engagement rates drop off drastically after about four minutes. Keep your video under that time frame when possible, and consider chaining a series of shorter clips together if you need to deliver a great deal of content. Video content that earn prioritized rankings can serve as a teaser to drive visitors toward longer videos that deliver more extensive content.

2. Text Is Still King

New video parsing technology scans your file for meaning, but it is still an emerging field. Search engines spidering your website focus on keyword distribution as a primary means of determining site relevance. Providing a video transcription in your metadata increases the effectiveness of search engine algorithms and boosts your ranking by reducing the time required for spiders to crawl through your data.

3. Viewers Generate Links

Popularity feeds on itself. Viral distribution is predicated on the mentality of the crowd, sharing an experience for the sole reason that many others are already participating. No matter how optimized your video and hosting page, it’s the viewers that generate links and drive additional traffic to your site. Display social media links liberally throughout your page and ask viewers to share the content.

Search engines thrive on cycling traffic through their links. They don’t care about the destination. A highly discoverable video will land viewers on your site, but a high-quality video will keep them there.

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