5 Tips for Enhancing Your Visual Marketing Strategy

Enhancing Your Visual Marketing Strategy in San Diego, CA

Just over 30 percent of marketers consider visual content to be the most important form of content. If you’re not getting the results you’d hoped for with your visual marketing efforts, there are ways to turn things around. The digital marketing professionals at Saba SEO, one of the leading online marketing companies San Diego businesses trust for unmatched expertise and exceptional service, suggest five things you can do to boost your visual marketing results.

1. Get Creative with Your Social Media Images

Transform your social media images into works of art by using easy-to-use apps like QuickArt. By playing around with various filters and other artistic features, you’ll be able to produce visuals on your social media pages that truly stand out.

2. Brand Your Images (but in a Subtle Way)

You don’t want to hit people over the head with visuals that obviously showcase your logo, products, or other aspects of your brand. What you can do instead is subtly brand your images and related visuals with: 

• Color schemes used in your other marketing efforts
• Visuals that naturally show your products
• Images that string together a compelling narrative related to your brand

3. Creatively Reuse Your Visual Content

You’ll get better visual marketing results if you reuse or repurpose your visual content. For instance, you might use the same product pics on your social media pages, main website, and landing pages. You can also reuse compelling user stories. For example, you could present a customer’s story on YouTube and use a short clip from that story on your social media pages. You could even use screen captures and pull quotes to use on your website.

4. Focus on Visual Platforms

Facebook is good for reaching a wider audience. However, if you have a highly visual brand, put some extra effort into platforms that tend to be more visual in nature. For instance, Instagram allows you to string together images to tell a story. With Pinterest, you could encourage your followers to submit images that reflect your brand while presenting your own visual content with ads. This can be done on other visual platforms as well.

5. Keep Quality & Originality in Mind

Visuals that are faded, too small, unfocused, or generic in nature aren’t going to do you any favors. Instead, use visual content—whether it’s for your ads, website, blog, or social media pages—that’s clear, correctly sized, and of generally good quality. Also, try to be as unique and original as possible with your visuals by not relying too much on stock content.

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