Voice Search Is Changing the Digital Marketing Landscape

Voice Search in San Diego, CA

The English language is considered one of the most rapidly evolving languages in the world, and yet it has taken us this long to achieve widespread adoption of technology that takes advantage of it: Voice search.

Think about it this way. If your boss walks up and says, “TPS reports,” what is your conclusion? Is he asking for them to be handed to him? Is he asking you to do them? Is he demanding overtime so they get done? If he says, “Who is working on the TPS reports this month?” you have a clear picture of his intent and the response he expects. This is how voice search is changing the internet and digital marketing landscape.

How to Gain Voice Search Visibility

PPC and SEO companies in San Diego can use this technology to augment every campaign they create. Simply adding keywords like “when” and “how to” can increase visibility among people conducting searches using natural language to ask a question. Even better is to add full, natural questions to keywords. For example, “where to buy concert tickets” or “Who owns Main Street Café”

Don’t Forget About Local

Speaking of Main Street Cafe, many voice searches via mobile are locally influenced. Think about adding local landmarks, neighborhoods, and cities to your keywords, so searches done referencing them will more frequently return your page. For example, “skiing in Davis” will be more localized and therefore more effective than “east coast skiing.”

Voice search technology will continue to evolve and shape how we interact with smart devices on a daily basis. Optimizing your marketing strategies to take advantage of this will give you a leg up on the competition. If you have questions or want to further discuss how to optimize your campaigns for voice search, give Saba SEO a call today at (858) 277-1717. We look forward to hearing from you!