Overused Web Design Trends to Ditch, Now

Stay Up-To-Date with Web Design Trends

If you manage a blog or website, you probably know that implementing some of the latest design trends can make your site attractive and functional. Unfortunately, some of the most popular trends become so overused that they harm the originality of your website. This can also undermine the message you’re trying to send to your site’s visitors. Here are four overused web design trends that you should avoid.

1. Overcrowded or Overly Colorful Pages

Many websites, particularly those oriented around art and photography, are filled with images and graphic designs. In some cases, these visuals are overused to the point that there is very little empty space on the page. When this happens, any information on the page becomes difficult to find. You can prevent this problem from occurring by using images and visual effects sparingly.

2. Stock Photos

If you’re familiar with SEO basics, you likely know that Google awards original webpages with high search engine ranks. Aside from creating original content, you should be using unique features and original photos. Many people do not do this. Instead, they use stock photos that can be found in many locations across the web. Consider replacing stock photos with custom photography, graphs, and other images.

3. Image Sliders

Image sliders are another design feature that have been overused in recent years. Image sliders are useful because they compress image content into a fairly small area of a webpage. However, multiple studies show slider kill conversions. An alternative to image sliders will make your site more original and engaging.

4. Homepages Driven by Flash

Homepages that are driven by Flash player may drive some visitors away from your site. Visitors without the most recent version of Flash player may not be able to view your content. Most of these people will not take the time to install the appropriate version of the software. Instead, they will leave your site and spend their time on another website. This can also harm your brand and online reputation.

By replacing these overused web design trends with original features, you can leave a great impression on your visitors! For more tips and design ideas, call Saba, Inc. at (858) 277-1717. We specialize in SEO, social media, and website development and design. Give us a call today!