3 Website Sections You Haven’t Created Yet

Off Page Strategies in SEO San Diego, CA

Back in the early days of website design, a marketer or business owner would proudly declare their website finished at one point. Today, that statement would be met with laughter, as San Diego SEO pros know now a good website is never completed.

With the ever-changing nature of the Internet, you’ve got to endlessly tweak and update your website just to stay on top of the competition. Whether you’re currently in the middle of a website overhaul or looking for a good San Diego web design company to build you one from the ground up, here are three sections you need but never considered adding.

A Peak at Pricing

Somewhere along the line, it became taboo to add prices to a website outside of retail. Service costs are now cloaked in as much mystery as a spy novel, with the customer encouraged to contact via email or phone for price quotes. While it’s fine to keep line by line prices off your website, you should give your visitors an idea of cost for what they want, such as an estimator. Customers are concerned about money. If they feel you’re not being upfront about it, they’re less likely to trust you.

What You Won’t Do

Most websites naturally focus on what the business can do for consumers. But what about what you don’t do, and what types of customers you can’t serve? While it may sound a bit off the wall, if you honestly cover whom you’re not a good fit for and what your company isn’t, you’ll save people time and establish trust (and a little humility) right out of the gate.

What You Most Certainly Can Do

Your website is probably an excellent pitch for your business as a company, but check out how well it sells what problems you can solve. Try adding a section that addresses the common problems your clients come to you with, and what you can do to help solve those issues.

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