7 Things You Don’t Want On Your Website

What Not To Have in Your Website in San Diego, CA

It’s no secret that an attractive, easy-to-navigate website can make the difference between getting listed on the first few pages of search engines or getting buried 100 pages in. To help boost your chances, leading San Diego SEO agency Saba Inc. highlights some features you shouldn’t include on your website.

1. Stock Images

Savvy internet surfers can discern the difference between stock photos and those you create yourself. Many of these images are too perfect, featuring attractive models smiling in idyllic settings. Since stock images aren’t genuine, your visitors may assume that your company and offers aren’t either.

2. Flash Animation

Avoid using flash animation with cursors and moving text. It’s annoying to most folks, but more importantly it slows down your loading time.

3. Social Media Icons In Header

While 26 percent of top marketing sites place social icons in headers, according to Orbit Media Studios, it’s best to avoid them. Readers will often click on them and leave your site, diminishing your opportunities for leads or sales.

4. Vague Headlines

Obscure headlines are a content weakness. Clearly identify your target audience in your headlines and tell readers what you can do for them. Use sub headlines when suitable to describe what you do.

5. PDF Files

While PDFs can provide a wealth of information, they are not easily measurable, shared or updated. Therefore, use them sparingly for people to print or download. Stick mostly with HTML pages on your site.

6. Dead Links

Make sure you check your links often to ensure they’re working. Dead links can hurt your reputation and give the impression your site’s not current.

7. All Products and Services

Never list all your products and services on a single page. Feature your top-selling brands or clients and break pages up by category. Then use smart navigation so readers can search for specific types of products or services.

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