Top Web Design Trends to Follow This Year

The Web Design Trends You Must Follow in 2020 in San Diego, CA

Making an awesome first impression is what web design is all about. However, the steps involved in making that great initial impression do tend to change over time, which is precisely why it helps to be aware of some of the top web design trends to follow in 2020. Here are some of the big ones to consider, brought to you by Saba SEO, a premier digital marketing firm specializing in SEO, social media, and web design. San Diego business owners should modify their online marketing strategies now to take advantage of these trends this year.

A Mix of Photos & Illustrations

You know those live-action animated films where two visual elements are combined into one? Take this concept and apply it to photos of real people or objects, and you’ve got one of the hot web design trends of 2020. The twist involves the addition of illustrations to the actual image.


From fairly simple to bold, patterns are making a big comeback in the web design world. To embrace this trend, you can either saturate the entire background with patterns or apply patterns to specific parts of a page.

Black-&-White Designs

If minimalism is what you prefer, the good news is this design is still trending in 2020—in black-and-white patterns. It’s appealing if you prefer a design that’s classy and evergreen. What’s also good about B&W design is the ability to experiment with text and images while still retaining the desired look.

Maxi Typography

The minimalist design concept isn’t new, but what’s new for 2020 is combining this style with maxi typography, which simply refers to text that’s so big and bold it purposely bleeds off the page. It’s not right for every site, but it can make a strong statement.

Retro Designs

Web design wasn’t a thing 40, 50, or 60 years ago. Even so, the duller colors, old-school typography, and minimal, stripped-down styles of yesteryear are being embraced by web designers in 2020. Because such elements are typically new to millennials, they can come across as modern and fresh.

The technique of line art is a hot trend right now in web design as well. You’ll also be trendy in 2020 if you include 3D elements and motion effects in your web designs this year. But don’t forget about chatbots, voice user interfaces, and automated assistants, since web design is also technology driven these days.

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