Awesome SEO Competitor Analysis Tools

Amazing SEO Competitor Analysis Tools in San Diego, CA

In the world of SEO, competitive analysis is the act of comparing your website to sites belonging to businesses competing for the same online searchers. Basically, what you’re doing is getting a general feel for your competitors’ online marketing strategies. The idea isn’t to copy them. Instead, you should use this knowledge to fine-tune your own strategy. Here are some amazing tools you can use for SEO competitive analysis, brought to you by the experts at Saba SEO, a premier SEO company in San Diego.


Use the SERP analysis feature in this tool to identify your top competitors for your various keywords. This info can be used to alter your own keyword strategy or search for similar terms/phrases that can still perform well for you even with lower volumes.


Ahrefs is a well-known backlinks tool, but it also generates a Content Gap report. The report will show you the keywords your competitors are targeting that you may have overlooked.


This award-winning tool presents easy-to-read charts, detailed organic traffic analytics, and backlink and keyword gaps. It will also provide a thorough assessment of your competitors’ overall online performance by showing:Your competitors’ search engine marketing (SEM) approach

  • Effective SEO methods being used on competing websites
  • Sites or pages linked to your competitors’ sites but not yours
  • Competitors’ ad tactics and strategies

Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger is a good tool to use if you just want a direct comparison between your website and your competitors’ sites. You’ll also see websites within your niche that are among Google’s top 20 search results for various keywords. Also, you can see what your competitors are doing to attempt to boost their click-through rates (CTRs).


This tool uses nearly 50 metrics to analyze competitors appearing on Google’s search engine results pages. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to quickly figure out what your competitors are doing to rank well on SERPs. Specific competitor analysis features include:

  • An analysis of competitor websites’ total online presence
  • Backlinks profiles for competitors
  • An analysis of local search results based on various SERP features

This is just a handful of the many tools available for SEO competitive analysis purposes. UpCity’s SEO Report Card is worth considering as well if you want to get a summary of your site’s strengths and weaknesses. Moz Pro will also give you a lot of SEO insights you can use to make your website more competitive. Lastly, try WooRank to track your progress as you make adjustments to your SEO strategy based on what you learn from getting to know your competitors’ strategies better.

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