Typical Responsibilities of SEO Managers

What Does an SEO Manager Do in San Diego, CA

What does an SEO manager do? In essence, an SEO manager implements search engine optimization strategy for an organization. The SEO manager creates the overall strategy, making adjustments and tweaks to ensure the organization optimizes SEO. Below, the experts from Saba SEO, one of the leading San Diego marketing companies, describe some of the typical duties an SEO manager may be responsible for.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is at the core of SEO. An SEO manager will use a variety of tools to ensure the organization has uncovered the right keywords to rank higher than competitors. 


SEO managers will monitor the success of their companies’ SEO strategies. They’ll use tools to see how SEO is performing in the industry and in comparison to competitors. This data analysis will be used to correct any weaknesses and expand upon strengths.


An SEO manager will manage the SEO specialist teams and monitor content to ensure best SEO practices are being followed. The SEO manager may tweak content to ensure there are deep dives and also make sure there are high-quality backlinks as well as internal links.


Optimizing website content is an important task for SEO managers. They’ll check landing pages, FAQ pages, and other frequently visited pages to ensure SEO is optimized.

Content Strategy

An SEO manager will create a content strategy. That includes a content calendar as well as the social media and website posts that will bring customers to the site. Google rewards sites that are at the top of their fields, so the SEO manager will make sure the content is top-notch and shows expertise beyond that of the company’s competitors.

Client Relations

Being the client liaison is another responsibility of an SEO manager. The SEO manager strategizes with the client and figures out areas where they can expand and improve.

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