SEO Changes to Look for in 2020

2020 SEO Changes in San Diego, CA

The fundamentals of SEO have pretty much stayed the same. Even so, search engine optimization is by nature an evolving concept, and if you hope to remain competitive online and connect with your intended target audience, you’ll want to be aware of how SEO is expected to change in 2020. Here’s what you need to know, brought to you by the experts at Saba SEO, a premier San Diego SEO company committed to staying on top of the latest trends and employing the most innovative practices in the industry.

Unique Top-Quality Content Will Rule

Don’t expect awesome keywords alone to make you rank well in 2020. Google is paying more attention to the nature of content and how searchers interact with it. Consequently, you’ll want to fuel your SEO strategy with the type of content most people tend to gravitate toward today, including:

• Videos
• Story-based content
• Memes and GIFs
• Tutorials

High-Ranking Sites Will Be UX Focused

Many of the key ranking factors that will get the most attention in 2020 will be all about user experience (UX). Some of the major aspects of user experience you’ll want to keep in mind in 2020 include:

• Speedy page load times
• Mobile-friendly website design
• Convenient website navigation

Voice Search Will Be the Norm

If predictions for 2020 hold true, more people will soon be speaking their search queries instead of typing them. The most effective way to prepare for voice search optimization is to create:

• Conversational content
• Content that provides immediate, concise answers to common customer questions
• Related and relevant long-tail keywords

Social Media Will Be More Important

2020 may be the year when Google places more emphasis on social media for SEO purposes, which will likely mean you’ll need to pay more attention to what type of content is sparking social conversations and interactions and how such activity is affecting other aspects of your online presence.

For leading search engines such as Google, delivering the right message to the right audience will be the top goal for SEO in 2020. To make this happen for your business, keep in mind what’s already been discussed while also being mindful of your meta descriptions and keyword usage, the importance of referencing your brand in SEO titles, and the latest SEO-related updates and search engine guidelines.

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