Top 7 Features of User-Friendly Mobile Apps

The mobile app market is fiercely competitive, and you need to give your users a great experience so you stand out from the crowd. You must balance making your app intuitive and forcing users to take too many steps to get the desired result. The professionals from Saba SEO, the experts in internet marketing San Diego companies have trusted for 20 years, highlight a few features that can make your mobile app more user-friendly.

1. Make the Most Important Actions Easy to Find

The most important parts of your app should be easy to find and accessible from the home screen. Users should be able to start using your app with very little effort. This is especially important for transactional apps, which customers use to complete payment. 

2. Label Buttons & Inputs

Label buttons and inputs to make it clear what they do. This is important with web apps, where users might need to enter source data. If you don’t label inputs, users might enter the wrong values and risk corrupting the database. Keep your labels short. Use a single, concise phrase to describe each button and input. 

3. Use Recognizable Icons Instead of Text when Possible

Use icons instead of text to display your app’s settings, options, and other features. This will make your app more user-friendly by reducing the number of buttons and inputs users need to scroll through.

4. Use Common Idioms in Your App’s Design

While you need to label your buttons and inputs clearly, you can also use common idioms in your app’s design to reduce the number of steps users need to take. 

5. Be Generous with White Space

Use plenty of white space in your app design. This will make your app look clean, professional, and easier for users to navigate. Avoid squishing buttons and inputs against each other, and leave plenty of space between each element on your pages. 

6. Don’t Make Users Scroll Unnecessarily

Make sure your most relevant and essential information is available above the fold (before the user has to start scrolling). If your app has a table of contents, make that, along with the first couple of chapters of your content, available above the fold as well. Keep your menus short and simple. 

7. Don’t Require Too Much Scrolling to Reach a Feature

When designing your app, try to keep the most important features visible on the screen at all times. Your users should be able to scroll through each screen and always be able to see the most important information and actions. 

Users like to get things done quickly, but they also appreciate a pleasant user experience. Implement these tips to make your app more user-friendly and increase the number of users who complete your desired actions.

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