5 Things that May Be Getting in the Way of Your SEO Strategy’s Success

Reasons Your Current SEO Strategy is Failing in San Diego, CA

You may have been using SEO in your marketing strategy but feel the results aren’t what you expected. Why are you not seeing any improvements in your ranking? The digital marketing experts from Saba SEO, a premier San Diego SEO service provider, offer these five potential reasons your current SEO strategy is failing.

1. Wrong Keywords

Using the right keywords is the hardest part of the SEO battle. Without the right keywords, your whole strategy is going to fail. There are keyword tools you may want to try. One way to know if you’re on the right track is to do some PPC marketing. This costs more money, but if you do it for a short time, you can quickly pinpoint high-quality keywords.

2. Poor UX

A good user experience is now part of what Google uses to determine your ranking. UX has proven to be essential to keeping potential customers on your site and making a sale. This means your website is easy to navigate, upgraded to HTTPS, has responsive design so mobile users have a good experience, and features a clean, organized design.

3. Content

How often do you post content? Do you have content that’s more than 1,000 words long? Is your content checked for grammar and spelling? All of these factors are important when ranking your SEO.

4. Link Issues

Broken links, unrelated links, and any sort of paid link is going to hurt your SEO ranking. Make an effort to create good linking within your website. Send out press releases to high-quality publications to get good backlinks. Make sure you have internal linking within your website.

5. Slow Website

If your website is slow to load, you have a problem. Customers will jump off and go to your competitor instead of waiting for your site to load. Find out what’s slowing down your site and make the necessary changes.

If you’re looking for innovative ways to boost your SEO results, reach out to the experts at Saba SEO. As an industry-leading San Diego SEO company, we have 20 years of experience in search engine optimization, digital marketing, and website design and development. Call us today to learn how we can help you boost your SEO rank and enhance your overall SEO strategy.