Lessons SEO Experts Can Learn from AdWords Professionals

Lessons for SEO Experts from Adword Professionals in San Diego, CA

Search engine optimization is an ongoing effort designed to maintain a brand’s visibility and encourage engagement with content accessible across multiple platforms. AdWords focuses on carefully researched keywords and involves targeting a very specific type of searcher. While the two concepts are different, there are valuable lessons SEO consultants can learn from AdWords experts, especially San Diego pay-per-click professionals.

A Better Understanding of the Bottom Line

There’s no guarantee an investment in SEO will produce the desired results. Some SEO experts consider this an acceptable risk since search engine optimization involves so many different factors.

However, PPC providers have to be accountable for every dollar spent on ads because everything can be tracked in great detail and clients often have tight budgets. SEO professionals can fine-tune their approach to budget management by:

  • Applying custom filters to Google Analytics reports to track metrics that matter for clients
  • Soliciting feedback from clients to see where there’s room for improvement
  • Using Google’s Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) to get stats similar to what’s available for AdWords for more precise budget tracking

If It Can Be Tested, Test It

AdWords experts are seasoned testers. From headlines used in ads to the placement of links, almost every feature of an ad is tested prior to full launch. SEOs can learn from this diligent approach to testing by making more of an effort to test things like title tags, meta descriptions, and other aspects of on-page SEO on a regular basis and making appropriate adjustments.

Every Word Matters

Every single word used in headlines, subheads, calls to action, and ad copy can have a huge impact on the actions searchers take when viewing online ads. There’s no room for wasted words with PPC ads. SEO experts can apply the same approach to diligence by:

  • Keeping headlines short, descriptive, and relevant
  • Eliminating word clutter (e.g. unnecessary text, wordy sentences, filler words)
  • Reviewing all optimized content for relevance and readability

Use Resources Wisely

Because PPC budgets are often limited, AdWords consultants try to use resources as efficiently as possible. SEO professionals should also think of their efforts as expanded PPC campaigns and use resources as wisely as possible to maximize the return on investment for clients.

SEO and paid advertising are very rarely completely independent of each other. Successful SEO efforts can increase the potential impact of well-planned AdWords campaigns. Hiring a reputed digital marketing agency can help you create compelling online ads and boost your online ranking simultaneously.

At Saba SEO, our search engine optimization executives and pay-per-click professionals work together to boost our clients’ online ranking. Our team utilizes a variety of tools and techniques to help businesses create winning online marketing campaigns. Whether you need a budget-friendly AdWords campaign or a comprehensive SEO strategy, we are here to help. To talk to one of our qualified internet marketing service executives, call us at 858-951-1717 today.