Search Marketing & SEO Changes to Expect in 2021

How Will SEO & Search Marketing Evolve in 2021 in San Diego, CA

Search engine optimization (SEO) is always evolving. This is the framework for how you organize and distribute information. Following SEO best practices helps your site rank higher. The digital marketing professionals from Saba SEO, one of the most innovative and trusted San Diego marketing companies, explain how SEO and search marketing will evolve in 2021.

User Experience

SEO is more than keywords and trends. It’s also UX (user experience). This means you have a website that’s easy to navigate and there’s no wait time when a customer goes to your site. Have you tried to experience what your customers do by attempting to find and purchase an item on your own site? Is the “buy” button easy to find? Those are the UX questions you must ask. Lastly, you must use responsive design, which means the website will adjust to whatever device the customer uses. 

Why is UX so important to SEO? Google wants to create the best possible knowledge base. They care about the information on websites, but they also care if customers are happy. If a user jumps off a website after waiting ten seconds for it to load, that tells Google it isn’t a high-quality website. Because there are millions of websites, any competition that has better UX will ultimately rank higher than you. 

Natural Voice & Semantic Search

Thanks to devices like Alexa and Google Home, web searches have changed. Now, the Google algorithm doesn’t require exact word searching. There’s also semantic search. Google can take a fragmented request that may only have partial information or one that’s grammatically incorrect and produce the results the user needs. 

Authoritative Site 

Google ranks authoritative sites higher, so creating an authoritative site increases your SEO ranking and paves the way for successful search marketing. Make sure you have an updated FAQ page, create web pages with just one main keyword for each page, and include internal links. This way, customers can find all the information they need on your site. 

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