What Does Google Data Tell Us about the Future of SEO?

The Future Of SEO 5 Stats that Show Where Google Is Heading in San Diego, CA

Search engine optimization (SEO) is always shifting and changing. That’s because technology is changing, and so is Google’s ability to understand the data. How do you know what’s next for SEO? Here are some stats that show where Google is heading. This is the future of SEO, brought to you by the experts at Saba SEO, a premier San Diego SEO company.

1. Local SEO

Between 46 and 50 percent of all Google searches are local searches. This means local SEO continues to grow. What does this mean for your organization? First, you need to create keywords that include your location. Second, include keywords for adjacent locations. This is especially useful for those who aren’t familiar with your area. Most importantly, list your business on Google My Business. Include all information, including your address, hours of operation, website information, and social media.

2. Voice Search

Voice search has increased by 400 percent in the last year. Many people are using Alexa, Siri, and Google Home to search for products and services. Almost 50 percent of all households own a voice search device of some sort. Creating content that responds to conversational searches is key. This includes having an FAQ page on your website. That natural question-and-answer format will appear in Google searches. Local SEO is also important with voice search. Most of these voice searches (nearly 70 percent) are for local products.

3. Mobile

More than 58 percent of all searches are done on mobile devices. Is your site upgraded to responsive design? How is your site speed? Is your site easy to navigate? Updating and upgrading to ensure your site is mobile friendly is key to future SEO success.

4. Video

Video is king. At least 50 percent of all top-ranking sites use video. Video is also useful when putting together a digital marketing strategy. Your high-quality video content will naturally be shared on social media.

5. Good Headlines

Oftentimes, the content on your site is thoughtfully put together without adding catchy or informative headlines. Creating good headlines and taglines is important to 36 percent of all SEO experts. These headlines can also be questions your copy can answer. Such efforts will also help your site rank higher in Google search results. 

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