Important Factors that Affect Mobile & Web App Development

Factors that Affect Mobile & Web App Development in San Diego, CA

Mobile apps get most of the attention these days. However, web-based apps can be just as effective at helping you maintain a solid presence online while also encouraging meaningful and mutually beneficial engagement. The San Diego web design experts at Saba SEO offer a closer look at what impacts both web and mobile app development today.

Layout and Design

With both web and mobile apps, layout and design are two of the main factors that affect the overall look and feel. These elements are also what users will notice first. Layout and design encompass a variety of important elements. Some of the most impactful ones include:

• Color scheme, font sizes, images, and other visual elements
• Navigation and in-app search features
• Tutorials and other forms of user assistance
• How the app looks from a first-time user’s perspective

Platform Choice

There are many mobile and web app platforms to choose from. Ideally, you should choose one that’s going to make the development process as seamless as possible while also creating an amazing user experience. For mobile apps, native platforms specific to either iOS or Android tend to work well. JavaServer Pages, Laravel, and Knack are among the more popular web application development platforms.


Before you begin building a web or mobile app, consider the technology that’s accessible for you at the moment. In addition to your initial development costs for the technology you intend to use, consider whether the app development technology you use will allow for updates to be made as needed once your app is up and running.


The way you market your web or mobile app will also affect how well it performs, since people aren’t going to use apps they aren’t aware of. Marketing shouldn’t be an afterthought. Instead, make it part of the development process by knowing:

• Where you intend to make your app available
• What specific user problem(s) it will solve
• What the main attributes of your application will be*

*This will also help you figure out what keywords to use in your app-related marketing content when you’re getting ready to launch it.

Ultimately, what really impacts web and mobile app development is how well researched and tested an app is before it’s officially launched. The more pre-launch preparation that goes into any type of app, the more likely it is you’ll see the desired results when it’s available to your target users.

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