What You Should Know About Influencer Marketing

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It’s not unusual for businesses to actively seek out people who have a large, dedicated online following to promote their products or services. San Diego internet marketing experts are making the argument that this approach to engaging with customers, referred to as influencer marketing, is the next big thing in marketing.

It’s the New Word-of-Mouth

Long before the internet even existed, word-of-mouth was a powerful marketing tool. Influencer marketing is today’s version of the same concept. Consumer-to-consumer recommendations also tend to result in higher retention rates.

It Encourages Social Engagements

Thanks in part to influencer marketing, businesses have shifted away from talking “at” potential customers and towards engaging in real conversations. Since potential influencers can be anywhere, more businesses have an added incentive to drive conversations with engaging content.

It’s a Source of Motivational Content

Several influencers recently posted pics wearing the same dress, and it became an instant best seller. This is evidence that influencers can help brands know what’s really motivating customers through the images and posts they share and content that can be easily repurposed.

Consumers Are Burnt Out on Paid Ads

Paid advertising in one form or another has been the gold standard for advertising for generations. Influencer marketing presents a new method of presenting options in a way that’s less invasive than endless paid ads, which tend to have very low recall rates.

It’s Good for Your SEO Efforts

If influencers like something you’re offering, you’ll get plenty of attention online and a boon to your search engine optimization efforts. The added references to your brand increase both awareness and visibility.

There are many tools, such as Appinions and SocMetrics, that can be used to identify potential influencers by geographic area and other specific criteria. Forming a productive relationship with influencers isn’t that difficult. In many cases, all it takes is an engaging social post to catch the eye of an influencer.