How to Succeed as a Head of Marketing

What Does it Take to be the Head of Marketing in San Diego, CA

There are many key players in the world of marketing today. One of the most important ones in terms of the level of responsibility that goes along with the job is the head of marketing. It’s an important position that comes with an assortment of duties and tasks. The head of marketing is also a person who helps everyone work together to achieve specific goals and make the process of reaching the target audience more efficient and effective. The experienced professionals from Saba SEO, a premier marketing and SEO company San Diego businesses rely on for high-quality service and unmatched expertise, explain what you need to know about this position.

What the Head of Marketing Does

In addition to overseeing the marketing team and coordinating efforts among various team members, the head of marketing puts together content strategies and works on implementing them. This individual often works for a specific company with an in-house marketing department, although some marketing agencies also have people in this role on their teams. Along with what’s already been mentioned, the duties performed by the head of marketing typically include:

• Preparing annual and project budgets
• Working with clients to determine and clarify marketing goals
• Overseeing all aspects of a company’s marketing efforts (e.g., brand image, messaging, ad campaigns, etc.)
• Remaining up to date on newer marketing techniques and technologies

Requirements for the Job

A bachelor’s degree in marketing or advertising is usually required. As far as what it takes for this position beyond the education requirements, skills often preferred include:

• Creativity
• Good communication skills
• Leadership abilities
• A knack for problem-solving
• Good analytical skills

Companies looking to hire a head of marketing for internal marketing efforts often prefer additional experience with other marketing positions. This could involve experience as a copywriter, a digital marketing content producer, a social media specialist, an SEO manager, or any other experience of this nature. At the very least, it helps to be familiar with the various roles everyone on a marketing team typically performs, since these are the people you’ll be working with and managing on a regular basis.

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