Understanding SEO and Why Businesses Should Use It

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You’ve probably at least heard the term SEO, or search engine optimization. More than just another business acronym, SEO refers to the use of carefully selected words and phrases naturally sprinkled throughout online content for the purpose of increasing website traffic. Once you better understand SEO, you’ll see why it’s essential for any business seeking online engagement.

Increase Visibility Among Well-Connected Consumers

In 2015, approximately three-quarters of U.S. consumers did some shopping online during the holiday season, a number that becomes even more monumental when you consider how many people have instant access to your business via various mobile devices. According to local San Diego online marketing agencies, even if you’ve had a website for years, content that’s not optimized for search engines is very difficult to find online. Your online visibility can increase with effective SEO since it’s a concept that can apply to any content online, including:

  • Websites and blogs
  • Social media posts
  • Video and image captions

Establish Trust with Easily Accessible Content

Most online searchers rarely go beyond the first page of search engine results. If potential customers have to dig to find your website, they’re more likely to turn to a competitor. Whether it be online reviews or your website, any content about your business that’s easy to find with a quick search is going to increase trust among consumers wary of businesses with limited online visibility.

Enjoy a Better ROI

SEO can be highly targeted to a specific audience and easily tracked. And, unlike PPC, companies don’t incur costs if someone clicks on a link that turns up in the search results. If a certain strategy isn’t working, adjustments can be made without incurring too much added expense or losing potential revenue.

It can be a challenge to navigate through the sea of rules used for ranking established by search engine giants like Google. However, effective implementation of SEO can help form a better connection with audiences likely to be responsive to your content.

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