Things that Are Wrong with Google Search Today

What Things that Are Wrong with Google Search Today in San Diego, CA

The average Internet user conducts about 3–4 Google searches per day, and overall, somewhere around 7 billion searches are performed via Google daily. While there’s no denying the fact that this popular search engine is a true information powerhouse, there are some things Google does get wrong. Below, the San Diego SEO specialists at Saba SEO explain some of the more prominent Google drawbacks.


Google does occasionally have some notorious glitches that create major headaches. In 2019, Google-related issues caused pages to be de-indexed, unrelated canonical URLs to be selected, and results to fail to fully render. While such issues are usually temporary, they can make it difficult to put out new content or maintain the desired level of online visibility.

Featured Snippet Accuracy

The purpose of featured snippets is to pull relevant answers to search questions from content. However, this doesn’t always produce accurate or complete answers. There’s also the possibility of other inaccuracies related to search results, but no search engine is 100 percent accurate.

Non-Text Content Indexing

Google willingly admits it has difficulty with crawling images, videos, and non-text content. And since non-text content tends to generate the most interest online, you can’t exactly put it on the back burner. The trick here is to use descriptive titles or captions whenever possible to help crawlers figure things out.

Data Access Restrictions

Google collects a massive amount of data related to search activity. However, it doesn’t just dish out this data for free—at least not all of it. Marketers typically have to invest in paid ads and reach a certain threshold to gain access to proprietary search data.

Organic/Paid Search Results Clarity

If you’ve opted for a largely organic search strategy, it can be frustrating if paid ads mimic your organic content and get priority placement. This is exactly what’s happening as Google continues to make paid ads similar to organic results.

Lastly, Google makes thousands of updates each year, but this isn’t necessarily something the search engine giant is doing wrong. Updates are largely made to improve the search experience. Of course, they can cause some minor palpitations if you’re caught off guard, especially if your content is negatively affected. For this reason, it’s important to keep track of your online-accessible stats via tools like Google Analytics.

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