15 Essential Stats About SEO in 2019

SEO Stats in 2019 in San Diego, CA

Because of the many factors that affect online visibility, it can be helpful to take a closer look at some SEO statistics that really matter in 2019. Doing so can also give you a better idea of where to focus your online optimization efforts. Here are a few of the most important statistics, brought to you by the experts at Saba SEO, a top-tier SEO company San Diego businesses trust for high-quality service and unparalleled digital marketing expertise.

  1. Nearly Half of All Google Searches Are Local

If you’re not thinking locally with SEO in 2019, you’re missing out on some wonderful (and potentially lucrative) engagement opportunities. There are many ways to target local searchers. Some of the more common methods include:

  • Referencing your target geographic area(s)
  • Claiming your Google My Business listing so your business shows up in local searches 
  • Making sure your business-related NAP (name, address, phone number) info is correct and consistent
  1. More Than 60k Google Searches Are Performed Every Second

A lot of people are looking for stuff online every day. Use this stat as an incentive to put together an effective SEO strategy that targets the searchers likely to be interested in what you have to offer.

  1. Half of All Searches Involve Multiple (4-Plus) Words

There’s a difference between “pizza” and “Where can I find pizza?” To get more specific results, searchers today are increasingly using more words. For keyword research and optimization processes, use terms and phrases that really mean something to your target audience.

  1. Most People Are Using Mobile Devices to Search

The main takeaway here is that it’s a mobile world in 2019. A popular solution is a responsive website design, which allows your site to adjust to any screen it’s viewed on.

  1. Google’s Top Ranking Factors Are High-Quality Content and Link Building

Since this particular stat comes directly from a search quality strategist at Google, it’s worth paying attention to. Plus, it only stands to reason that SEO will be more effective for you in 2019 if you produce high-quality content and focus on acquiring links from trusted, relevant, and reliable sources.

  1. Content Is Getting Longer

The average content featured on Google’s first page of results is now nearly 1,900 words, which suggests users are looking for specific information. To deliver such details, content needs to be longer but still relevant and easy to digest.

  1. 97 Percent of Page One Results Have at Least One Image

Furthermore, more than 30 percent of marketers believe visual images are their most important form of content for business purposes. Just remember to choose images that are relevant to your content and brand.

  1. Companies Are Getting Better at SEO

More than 80 percent of marketers believe the effectiveness of SEO is on the rise. Approximately 42 percent of these same marketers consider SEO’s effectiveness to be “increasingly significant.” This is good news, but it also means your competitors are probably fully invested in SEO, so you need to be just as diligent.

  1. Paid Ads Are Ignored by More Than 80 Percent of Users

This stat is complemented by the fact that more than half of all marketers say their top priorities are improving SEO and boosting their organic presence. However, this doesn’t mean paid ads are dead in 2019. It just means you’ll be better off with a healthy mix of organic and paid SEO.

  1. By 2020, Half of All Searches Will Be Voice Searches

Consider this SEO stat as another incentive to use longer, more conversational search terms when choosing your keywords and keyword phrases.

  1. More Than 70 Percent of Searchers Who Do Local Searches Visit Local Stores

Specifically, they tend to visit stores within five miles of their physical location. “Near me” searches are also on the rise. The point here is that SEO can be equally effective when used to get people to visit your actual business.

  1. Nearly 30 Percent of Mobile Searches Are Location Based

Not surprisingly, a lot of people use their mobile devices to find things near certain locations. If you haven’t done so already, make 2019 the year you focus on both the mobile and local aspects of SEO.

  1. Organic Traffic Can Spike Up to 111 Percent if You Repurpose Old Posts

It’s still important to crank out first-rate new content in 2019, but you can also get some more SEO leverage out of older content that’s already optimized by updating it and republishing it.

  1. Social Signals Matter More to Google Now

Google still keeps its algorithm details secret in 2019. However, several brands have noticed a link between social signals and their standing on search engine results pages (SERPs).

  1. More Than 90 Percent of Online Experiences Start with Search Engines

Just having a website isn’t going to cut it in 2019. You also have to take the right steps to draw attention to your various webpages and other content to help searchers find you online.

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