Avoid These Marketing Tactics if You Have a Small Business

Most small businesses today understand the importance of marketing, especially in the digital world. That being said, there are some marketing tactics that are best avoided to boost the potential return on investment. The experienced digital marketing experts from Saba SEO, a leading provider of internet marketing service, outline some of the more common marketing tactics it’s best to avoid if you’re running a small business and hoping to connect with your audience online in a more productive and beneficial way.

Marketing to “Everyone”

The main marketing tactic to avoid is assuming you’re just marketing to “everyone” or “anyone” who might be capable of using or buying what you offer. Ultimately, you’ll be better off if you take the time to define your target audience in a way that allows you to focus your marketing efforts better.

Overdoing It with Emails

Emails are still relevant today, but you want to avoid overwhelming your recipients with way too many emails and ending up relegated to their spam folders. Instead, distribute your emails in a more timely and organized manner (e.g., segmented by interests, timed to promote special events or deals, etc.).

Relying Too Much on Social Media

Social media can do many wonderful and rewarding things for small businesses. However, what you want to avoid is relying too much on social media and ignoring or minimizing other marketing opportunities, such as blogs, emails, and paid ad campaigns. On a related note, focus on a few platforms you can manage well instead of trying to be on every single social platform. It’s much easier to be consistent and mindful of quality this way.

Resorting to Questionable SEO Practices

Also, avoid SEO practices that tend to be, at the very least, questionable. If you get penalized by Google, your online presence will be greatly diminished, which can be a major blow to your business. SEO practices best avoided include ones involving:

• Stuffing keywords
• Buying links
• Using misleading redirects
• Posting auto-generated or duplicate content

Finally, it’s just as important to give your customers an easy way to opt out of things like text updates and emails if they decide they no longer want to communicate with you in such ways. The last thing you want is to turn a loyal customer into one who’s annoyed enough to go check out your competitors.

The professionals at Saba SEO, a premier San Diego SEO agency, can help you avoid these types of mistakes and provide expert assistance with all your digital marketing efforts. We have more than fifteen years of hands-on experience helping clients with social media marketing, PPC, and SEO. If you need help boosting your website ranking with outstanding marketing strategies and content, give us a call today.