The Third Generation: Web 3.0 Is on the Way

The Third Generation of Web 3.0 in San Diego, CA

Yes, “Web 3.0” is a thing. But what exactly is it? And more importantly, when exactly is it coming? In a nutshell, it’s the next generation of online interaction beyond what’s considered Web 2.0—referring to a more interactive and social Web that’s all about engagement. Web 3.0 represents the next big functional changes related to how people will be able to interact online. The experienced Web development pros from Saba SEO, a premier San Diego Web design agency, offer the following predictions about some of the exciting changes to watch for in the next generation of the Web.

What Will Web 3.0 Offer?

It’s widely believed Web 3.0 will involve advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Some people in the know also suspect the next-generation Web will allow for the Internet to be present in peoples’ lives even more than it is today. Advanced AI-related features alone may result in:

• Website suggestions based more on actual human preferences and less on what’s determined by search engines
• The elimination of “bad results” produced by intentional manipulation of popular online content
• Access to virtual assistant capabilities that allow for more complex online functions to be completed with vocal prompts

What’s the Connection with the Semantic Web?

The semantic Web refers to the organization of Internet data in a way that’s understandable for both computers and humans. An AI-based Web 3.0 linked to the semantic Web could improve the understanding of what all the human data available online actually means.

What About a Virtual Web?

There’s been speculation that Web 3.0 may allow for widespread access to a virtual world where shopping and other interactions could take place in a way that’s similar to what happens in some video game worlds. However, implementation would likely be difficult or impossible for smaller companies with limited resources, so this particular capability might have to be left on the back burner for now.

When can you expect Web 3.0 to arrive? It took about a decade to make the transition from the original incarnation of the Web to what’s commonplace now, so this is what will likely happen with Web 3.0. In fact, some insiders have suggested certain elements of Web 3.0 are already here, which means Web 3.0 may arrive slowly and gradually over time.

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