Top 10 Tools for Smoothly Managing Your SEO Content Strategy

Tools for Smoothly Managing Your SEO Content Strategy in San Diego, CA

It can’t be all that difficult to manage an SEO content strategy, right? Even if you know the basics before you dive in, this is a task that can quickly become more time-consuming and involved than originally anticipated as you move forward with your efforts. Fortunately, there are some handy tools you can use to make it easier to manage a smooth and effective SEO content strategy. The content marketing specialists from Saba SEO, a leader among premier San Diego marketing companies, share some of their top picks.

1. Google Ads: Keyword Planner

This is an excellent tool for the keyword research you’ll need to do fairly regularly to determine which key terms to highlight in your content. While it’s intended to be used for ad content, this free tool produces results, including keyword suggestions, that can be just as useful for organic SEO purposes.

2. BrightEdge Data Cube

Get started by entering a URL linked to content you want to analyze and optimize. When you do this, you’ll be able to do bulk keyword research and analyze a page’s performance on search engine results pages (SERPs). Competitors’ URLs can also be analyzed.

3. SEMrush

Consistently ranked as one of the best SEO-related tools, SEMrush presents data in convenient customized reports. It’ll give you an overview of various domains, a detailed analysis of your competitors’ content, and insights about online traffic patterns and any keyword gaps you may need to address.

4. Ahrefs

Well known as a backlink checker tool, Ahrefs can also help you identify gaps in your content based on an analysis of what your competitors are doing. Content gap filters also allow you to discover more specialized keywords that could help your content perform better.

5. RankWatch: Website Checker Tool

Use this free tool to quickly identify any issues with your website. You’ll get a full analysis of anything that could affect how your site’s content is performing, from SEO-related issues to technical issues like site speed.

6. Google Trends

Include this tool in your SEO arsenal to quickly spot search trends related to your content. It also helps you learn more about shifts in search behavior. Such info can be used to find additional ranking opportunities or adjust your current content.

7. Mintel

With this tool, you’ll get industry-specific reports you can use to gain new insights about your target audience. You’ll also be able to get a better understanding of the search environment as it relates to your niche or industry.

8. eMarketer

In some instances, certain trends in non-organic factors can affect how your content performs in organic search results. eMarketer’s tools are designed to give you a better understanding of SEO fluctuations.

9. Google Search Console

This comprehensive tool will give you instant access to an assortment of factors that could influence how your content performs. For instance, you’ll be able to view traffic data and fix indexing issues that could be affecting your content.

10. BuzzSumo

Use this tool to find topics to consider including in your content. You’ll get data related to the specific types of content and the approach to messaging likely to resonate most with your intended audience.

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