When is it Time to Outsource Your Marketing?

When to Outsource Marketing

When your small business began, there’s a good chance it consisted of you, alone, on the computer, hustling away and trying to create the groundwork for your idea to grow. That means you probably started out handling marketing initiatives on your own. But once your company begins to take shape, it becomes more difficult and less efficient for you to take the marketing reigns yourself.

That leaves us with the question, “Should you think about outsourcing this important part of your business?” Here are the biggest reasons why you might.

  1. There’s Too Much Work

    Whether you’re tackling marketing tasks on your own or you have a few employees to help, there shouldn’t be more to do than your staff can reasonably handle. The aim is to have time to focus on marketing strategy, not just marketing work.

  2. Your Marketing Lacks Diversity

    Ideally, you want to incorporate both traditional marketing channels like print advertisements and inbound marketing methods such as reaching prospective customers via social media and search engine optimization. If you feel like you aren’t using all the tools and channels that you could be, it might be time to get some experienced professionals to come up with new ideas.

  3. Your Results are Poor

    If your revenue is stalling or you’re simply not reaching an audience, you might not even know which direction to turn for improvements. That’s when you can think about approaching a marketing agency who will be able to look at your business rationally from an outside perspective and work with you to come up with viable and affordable solutions.

  4. You Want to Grow Rapidly

    Maybe your marketing strategy has actually worked well so far. That doesn’t mean it’s not a smart idea to give yourself a net as the business grows and expands. A combination of outsourcing and internal marketing can help you keep up with the rapid pace of growth you may be faced with when you’re at the helm of a successful business.

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