4 Reasons to Fire Your SEO Company

When to Fire Your SEO Company

If your pages are not receiving more traffic, conversions, and engagement, it may be time to reconsider your SEO company. You may have hired them for their expertise, however this doesn’t not always translate into positive results. The following are four reasons that warrant finding a new SEO company in San Diego:

  1. Lack of Communication

    A top San Diego SEO agency will take the time to explain the ranking process to you and do so in a way that you can understand. While it’s important not to micromanage your SEO company (they are the experts), it’s also important that you are confident in their skills, a feeling that is often strengthened through open and honest conversations.

  2. Questionable Behavior

    You should always be able to reach someone at your SEO company whether you have a question or concern. If your SEO company does not provide you with reasonable response times, or seems to be dodging your calls and emails, they may have too many clients or are not prioritizing your work. When this type of questionable behavior arises, it may be time to seek new representation.

  3. Pushing New Services

    You hired your SEO company to help you rank organically, and now they keep pushing new services on you, whether it’s a link-building package or a new pay-per-click campaign. You should never feel pressured to continue increasing your online marketing budget, especially if you’re not seeing results in SERPs.

  4. Absence of Value Added Services

    Quality SEO companies provide their clients with value added services. These services will come in a variety of forms such as monthly calls, regular reports regarding ranking progress, and areas of improvements and concern. A good SEO company may also provide you with new strategies as algorithms change and new methodologies are introduced.

The world of SEO is challenging and it often takes time for it to work, but when you work with an open and honest SEO company, you’ll have a good grasp on your SEO goals and what to expect both now and in the long-term.

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