Best Sources for Trending Content

Avoid Google Penalties with New Updates

One of the best ways to increase visitors to your site is to write articles about trending topics. Unlike evergreen content, these articles nearly always appeal to readers’ current interests. While they might not have the same staying power as evergreen content, articles on trending topics are an important component in many content marketing strategies. Here are a few places to find fresh and trending topics.


While it is fairly easy to identify topics that are currently trending, your goal should be to find popular topics before they go viral. One of the best places to look for this kind of content is Reddit. Most of the content on Reddit is sourced by Internet users who truly care about their particular niches, and if you look in the proper subreddits, you can find content directly from industry leaders and other respected individuals. Setting up regular email updates from relevant subreddits is a great way to consistently find useful topics.

Facebook and Twitter

Pioneered by Twitter and continued by Facebook, the hashtag is one of the most useful tools for discovering content through keywords. Online marketers in San Diego can visit these social media sites to find trending keywords and topics that can be used to engage readers and optimize SEO campaigns. For SEOs in search of data and popular keywords, tools like Hashtagify can be very useful. Hashtagify aggregates hashtag data from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and reveals keywords and their relationships to events and other terms. You may benefit from using DrumpUp, a tool that searches social media sites for popular content based on keywords.

BuzzFeed, Upworthy, and Other Clickbait Sites

Websites that utilize clikbait headlines often know exactly what their audiences want to read. You can go scan the headlines of some of the most popular sites that use clickbait tactics to find ideas that will engage and expand your audience. This can become a very long process, but you can use the WordPress RSS Aggregator to receive a compiled list of headlines from BuzzFeed and similar sites at particular intervals. If you prefer to work from your inbox, you can use FeedMyInbox.

Google Trends

Google Trends is an excellent tool for identifying long-term consumer interests and top articles. While it is not updated as quickly as social media sites, Google Trends can inform you about major interests. Content writers can use this tool to find a wide variety of information, including a year’s top songs and holiday deals.

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