Which Social Media Platform Is Crucial to a Successful Website?

Social Media Tips in San Diego, CA.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all great tools to boost engagement, but do you need a Twitter feed on your site, or will instant access to your Facebook Live videos suffice? Social media experts in San Diego share a few ways you can narrow down your choices to determine which elements will likely work best on your website.

Which Accounts Are You Most Active On?

Facebook is where most of the consumers are, but it may not be right for your website if you’re more active on Twitter or Instagram. Take a look at your stats for each platform and also observe which one has the most activity (likes, shares, posts, comments) from your followers before you consider possible elements for each social platform.

Twitter Elements to Consider

The most convenient Twitter element to consider for your site is an embedded timeline. It allows you to embed multiple tweets within your site in a nice, neat single-column view. You can also add a template display to match your website’s design/theme. Some other Twitter elements that may work on your website include:

  • A Twitter “follow” button displayed on your site
  • A “Tweet” button on your confirmation page or product pages
  • The Twitter website widget to show recent tweets on your site

Facebook Elements for Your Site

Nearly 70 percent of consumers are influenced by reviews. If you have plenty of customer service interactions and comments on your Facebook page, why not show it on your website? You can embed public posts by a specific Facebook page or by specific followers. Additional Facebook elements to consider include:

  • A Facebook “Share” button on your site
  • Facebook Like Box for Pages so visitors to your site can see their Facebook friends if they’re already logged in (They can become a “fan” of your brand without having to leave your site)
  • Adding Facebook JavaScript SDK to your site to allow embedded FB videos

Incorporating Instagram into Your Website

With 90 percent of Instagram users under 35, it’s an appealing social platform for your website if the demographics match your brand’s intended audience. Instagram can be effective if you have a mobile-friendly website, since visual content is even more appealing to mobile searchers. Other than adding an Instagram link, elements to consider for your site include:

  • Separate embedded photo posts
  • Instagram gallery designs (tools like Instush can help with this)
  • Slideshows of your Instagram pics (try the SnapWidget service to do this)

At Saba SEO, we can help you determine the social elements that are crucial for your website. By analyzing your business goals, products, services, customer engagement, and other important factors, our team can devise comprehensive social media marketing plans that can boost your online outreach. As a reliable San Diego SEO agency, we provide continual support and recommendations on all aspects of social media marketing. To create a responsive website for your business or to add in social media elements to your existing site, give us a call at 858-851-1717 today.