What’s the Best Software for PPC Management?

Best Software for PPC Management in San Diego, CA

It’s safe to assume that if you have multiple PPC campaigns to manage, you also have a business that needs your attention. This is where PPC software comes into play. Luckily, there are some tools that can help you juggle your pay-per-click ads in a way that still gives you time to run your business. Below, the San Diego SEO and digital advertising experts from Saba SEO spotlight some of the top PPC management software options for your consideration.


Designed for Google Ads, this software tool does more than just monitor your PPC ads. It also offers suggestions by using machine learning to optimize your various campaigns. As it learns what’s important to you in terms of your PPC campaigns, it will help you by:

• Managing your budget
• Adjusting bidding strategies
• Identifying keyword opportunities

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is also an effective PPC management tool, and it’s completely free. It provides access to an assortment of information that can be used to fine-tune your ads and determine how well your site is performing once people who click on your ads get there.


This free tool allows you to manage paid ads on Google, Facebook, and other platforms. Expert 24/7 optimization, more than 240 metrics, and important info you’ll need to manage your campaigns are among the available features.


Achieve full funnel engagement while also conveniently establishing and executing your PPC strategy by including this PPC management tool in your arsenal. Powered by AI, it integrates well across multiple platforms.


Consistently considered one of the top all-in-one tools, SEMrush provides access to an assortment of PPC and SEO data. Top features that can be used for PPC management purposes include:

• A PPC advertising toolkit
• In-depth market analysis
• A competitor research tool
• A keyword-finding tool

Report Garden

Presenting an easy-to-interpret user interface, this PPC management tool gives you access to essential data. What’s more, you’ll be able to see all the stats for your various campaigns and platforms in one place, which further streamlines the PPC management process.


With this tool, you’ll be able to optimize your ad spend by blocking invalid clicks. This feature alone can add up to significant savings over time. Additional features this PPC management tool offers include:

• 24/7 campaign monitoring
• Custom reports and detection rules
• Automated real-time IP blocking
• Site recording

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