Why Dark Mode Web Designs Are Gaining in Popularity

Reasons Why Dark Mode Web Designs Are Gaining in Popularity in San Diego, CA

Website design trends are always changing and evolving. One of the latest ones is dark mode web design. Many coders and developers are fueling this trend and inspiring various brands and businesses to give it a try. If you’re just hearing about it now, the San Diego web design specialists at Saba SEO offer a closer look at why dark mode on websites is getting popular.

Social Media & Other Platforms Got It Started

Facebook and other popular platforms have been giving users the option to switch to “dark mode” (or what’s sometimes referred to as “night mode”) in recent years. Due to the enormous reach of social and mobile platforms, it’s not too surprising that dark mode has become a “thing” for websites.

A Look Coders & Developers Like

Dark mode isn’t something new for coders and developers. In fact, many behind-the-scenes professionals have used this style for a fairly long time when creating or updating websites. Therefore, they’re even more willing to jump onto this trend now that end users are discovering and embracing it.

Why Users Like It

Dark mode is also appealing to many users, which is ultimately why it’s getting popular on a mainstream level. For one thing, dark mode on websites, whether viewed on mobile devices or PCs, is more comfortable on the eyes in low-light conditions. Some users also prefer the darker background because it combats digital eye strain.

Some users simply find it to be a refreshing change from the normally bright screens they encounter when browsing various sites. In fact, a survey by Medium found more than 80 percent of respondents preferred dark mode.

Other perks associated with dark mode include:

• It reduces battery consumption
• It has no impact on SEO—definitely a perk for business owners
• It reflects the mood of some users

While there are many compelling reasons to embrace and appreciate dark mode on websites, it’s not something every user will appreciate. For this reason, some sites and platforms give users the option of turning off or disabling dark mode. If this is a trend you’re considering embracing, you may want to make it optional as well to be more accommodating to user preferences.

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