What Are the Advantages of HTTPS for a Website?

Advantages of HTTPS for a Website in San Diego, CA

Security hacks and breaches have become front-page news. This sort of breach instantly downgrades a company’s reputation. The risk of hacks and breaches should motivate businesses to investigate their own online security practices to ensure similar types of hacks don’t damage their reputations. HTTPS is the website upgrade all sites should have now.

HTTPS encrypts information between a browser and a web server, preventing hackers from stealing personal information. In the past, only sites with highly secure information had HTTPS. Businesses now want to have that form of security to protect their customers’ information as well as their own. Most of all, Google prefers sites that have HTTPS. The experts from Saba SEO, a premier San Diego web development company, offer these reasons you need HTTPS for your website.

Google Rank

The top reason you need HTTPS is to improve your search engine optimization (SEO). As part of its quest to place the highest-quality sites at the top of search results, Google rewards sites that are secure with HTTPS.

Browser Labels

When your site upgrades to HTTPS, your browser labels are updated. Your site is given a seal of approval just because you’ve made this upgrade.

Customer Security

Your customers will feel more secure with HTTPS. They’ll know your site is up to date with the latest technology. HTTPS demonstrates your business cares enough to make sure your customers’ information is safe, which is part of the user experience (UX) Google rewards with higher ranking.


Your goal is to turn someone who views your site into a customer. No one wants to fill in information on a site that has a “not secure” Google warning. Upgrading from HTTP to HTTPS increases conversions of visitors into customers.

Business Security

Businesses rarely want to discuss security unless there’s a major security hack or data breach. If your site gets hacked, it’s too late to discuss security. HTTPS offers the safest web experience for all. 

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