Boosting SEO & Customer Trust through Robust Website Security

The security of websites is crucial for both individuals and businesses. Being able to explore the internet without being attacked by cyber criminals gives people peace of mind, and when people log into the websites of businesses, they expect high-end security to protect them. The experts from Saba SEO, a premier San Diego web development company, explain why website security is so vital for SEO and customer trust.

Why SEO Needs Great Security

Security lets trusted websites communicate more quickly with each other. This contributes to a website showing up higher in Google rankings because of increased traffic. The more trusted a website is, the more people will interact with it.

Why Individuals Need Great Security

Strong security keeps most hackers, scammers, and identity thieves at bay. Even though you might not think you have anything worth stealing, having strong security on your computer and/or phone also protects everyone else. Otherwise, nefarious people could access your device to complete their illegal acts. Not only would others be at risk, but you could also be implicated in the aforementioned illegal activities.

Things You Can Do to Increase Your Website’s Security

  • Maintain up-to-date software
  • Insist on strong passwords
  • If you have login pages, protect them with SSL encryption
  • Don’t have dead software on your website
  • Keep a backup of all your data
  • Be proactive about checking for weak spots
  • Have a professional check out your website

When you think about it, these aren’t difficult to implement. While these tips are mostly for businesses wishing to increase customer confidence, some of these apply to individuals too:

  • The software
  • Strong passwords
  • Backing up all your data

Of course, nothing will protect you from every threat online. However, most people who are up to no good want easy targets, so they’re sure to move on if they encounter strong security.

Whether you need a search engine optimization specialist or an expert in web design and security, call on Saba SEO. As a highly trusted San Diego SEO agency, we have more than 20 years of experience in website development and design as well as search engine marketing. We can create a responsive, secure website for your business and provide fresh, high-quality content to boost your online ranking. Give us a call today.