How “Mobile First” Websites Will Help Your SEO Rankings

Mobile Marketing SEO Tips in San Diego, CA

Google constantly changes and updates their algorithm, and an upcoming update will make the search engine “mobile first.” Before this update, the ranking systems used the desktop version of every site to determine the site’s search rankings. However, mobile sites are often different from desktop sites and sometimes have less content. If a mobile user makes a search, Google currently uses desktop sites to determine the best results. When the mobile user selects a result, however, they’ll go to the mobile version of the site, which may not have any of the information they searched for.

Most search engine users today use their smartphones rather than a laptop or desktop computer. This change to the Google algorithm prioritizes mobile sites, which ensures that mobile users will see relevant search results. If you have a strong mobile app or website that contains as much information as your desktop site, this can help your SEO rankings soar.

Because Google will now examine mobile rather than desktop sites, mobile sites with less information or content will see a decline in search rankings. You can improve your search rankings by making sure the mobile version of your site is just as strong as the desktop version.

Google’s algorithm also uses mobile design to determine search engine rankings, so ensuring the design of your site appeals to mobile users will improve your online visibility. Most mobile users can’t view Flash on their phones, so consider removing any Flash elements from your site. Pop-ups are also frustrating and inconvenient to handle on mobile sites. You should also make sure your mobile website is “finger friendly” since most users must navigate with a finger. It should be easy to scroll through your mobile site and tap on links.

Google’s “mobile first” change helps mobile users get the best search results. If your mobile site already matches your desktop site and is easily navigable, you will likely benefit from this change. If your mobile site has less information or fewer features than your desktop site, consider making some changes so your search rankings don’t suffer.

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