The Real World: Why Do Rankings Change?

Why Rankings Change Over Time in San Diego, CA

Unexpected changes in rankings occur every now and then, and it can either yield positive or negative results for your business. SEO experts in San Diego share a few reasons why search engine rankings keep changing and what can be done about it.

Your Competitors Are Also Busy Optimizing for Search Engines

While you’re building a robust link profile, creating plenty of high-value content, and designing an attractive and responsive website, your competitors are also busy doing SEO tasks of their own. This makes it important to pay attention to what other businesses in your niche are doing and how their SEO strategies are performing for them.

Individual Behaviors of Web Users Is Important

Search engine results are becoming increasingly personalized, especially on Google. This means every member of your target audience is likely to get a different set of results for the exact same search term. Not only are search results reflective of individual search histories, but they’re also designed to be hyper-local.

Changes Made to the Website

Both purposeful and inadvertent changes to your link profile can impact how well your site ranks. You might gain or lose a few inbound links or discover a number of broken links. Make sure to review and clean up your link profile on a regular basis. This way, you don’t have to worry about being penalized for any dead links overlooked. Be mindful of the fact that changes in ranking can occur each time new content is added to the site, web pages are updated, or domains are changed.

Algorithm Updates

When search engine algorithms are updated, rankings can change. Site owners should bear in mind Google and other major search engines are busy making AI technologies larger determinants in how websites rank. Every time a new search is run, Google’s Rank Brain becomes smarter and more adept at handpicking the results people really want. Thus, even if your website hasn’t undergone any major revisions or your competitors haven’t stepped up their SEO game, you could find your company listed higher or lower on SERPs without warning.

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