Reasons Your Website Needs a Blog

Blogs and websites can certainly be independent of one another. When this is the case, they can still be connected in a way with mutual links and similar techniques. However, there’s something to be said for going the more direct route and placing your blog directly on your website. If you haven’t yet considered this option, the marketing professionals from Saba SEO, a premier SEO company San Diego businesses rely on for expert advice on all aspects of digital marketing, explain how having a blog on your website can be beneficial.

Provide a Traffic Boost

A blog on your website can contribute to more traffic. As for why this is often the case, it’s because of the added SEO potential, which comes from:

• An added source of fresh content on your site
• The ability to optimize individual blog posts in a way that brings more traffic to your site
• An extra boost in search engine visibility

Give Visitors an Added Incentive to Stick Around

A properly optimized blog directly on your website provides an extra incentive for visitors to stick around. This is especially appealing if you want to expose potential new customers to a wider range of topics related to your business. What’s more, your blog can be presented in a less intrusive way on your site while also being a convenient source of extra content.

Gain More Lead Conversion Opportunities

An uptick in traffic to your site with a blog included naturally increases the potential to get more leads. Calls to action added to your posts can further increase the lead generation potential. There’s also the ability to use supplemental content like e-books as an extra incentive to get contact info.

Become a Trusted Authority

Website content alone doesn’t provide a lot of opportunities to really showcase the full range of knowledge you have about your business, field, or niche. But with a blog included on your site, you can dive into related topics in a way that makes you more of an authority and a trusted source for information. This is also something Google tends to appreciate.

Finally, if you make an effort to update and maintain both your website content and the blog posts on it, your site can be a way to stay engaged with your target audience. This means building long-lasting relationships beyond just getting conversions. The blog content from your site can also be repurposed for use on your social media pages and in your email newsletters.

Blogging is a great content marketing tactic that can establish your industry authority and generate high-quality leads. If you need help creating first-rate content or developing an effective online marketing strategy, call on the experienced professionals from Saba SEO. For exceptional assistance with digital marketing, social media, and SEO, San Diego businesses rely on our expertise to boost online visibility and increase revenue. Give one of our digital marketing specialists a call today.