5 Ways PPC and SEO are Better When Used Together

Using SEO and PPC Together

For the most part, businesses choose to use either PPC or SEO campaigns for one main reason: they’re working with a limited budget. However, as a San Diego online marketing company, we know that integrating both PPC and SEO campaigns together will maximize your traffic results and generate more paying customers for your website.  Here are a few other reasons to use PPC and SEO at the same time.

PPC Can Maximize Your Keyword Strategies for SEO

While it may take months for organic search campaigns to generate a constant stream of traffic to your website, PPC campaigns can help maximize your results immediately, and assist with future keyword planning at the same time.

Test major keywords with your PPC campaigns to determine which ones drive the most conversions. Once you’ve narrowed down your list to a select few, create content and ad copy, and plan out your SEO campaigns for future months. Doing so will allow you to gain insightful knowledge from your PPC campaign while enjoying immediate results from customers who convert through your paid advertisements.

Increased Click Through Rate When PPC and SEO are Combined

A significant amount of testing done with Google AdWords shows that both clicks per search and ad CTR rates increase by at least 15 percent when using both search engine optimization and PPC at the same time. The click through percentage increases because your website owns more real estate on the search engine results page, therefore convincing a searcher that your website has something of value that he or she may be interested in.

All About the Quality Score

The quality score is a special number that’s used by AdWords to tell you how well you’ve optimized each page on your website that’s connected to a specific ad campaign. Studying these numbers is a great way to improve your SEO on every page, and improving your SEO will, in turn, help you achieve higher paid search rankings for lower bid amounts per click.

It’s always good to remember that any issues you discover and fix when running your San Diego PPC campaigns will help your SEO campaign as well.

Increase in Click Share

Recent studies have shown that marketers who use both SEO and PPC at the same time show PPC campaigns garner 40 percent of the click share even when their company is listed among the top few first results on page one of Google.

PPC is always a necessity, and can even increase ROI when used in conjunction with SEO, especially for companies who currently maintain a top ranking in organic search results.

Enjoy Immediate Results

Business owners want to see results fast. As a marketing manager, using a PPC campaign to achieve immediate conversion results while waiting for an SEO campaign to take full stride is a great way to increase revenue and motivate employees within the company. If you’re working with a limited marketing budget, allocate most of the money upfront for PPC campaigns, and scale it back to make room for SEO after you see results.

For more information about using PPC and SEO effectively, reach out to Saba, Inc. today. We are a trusted San Diego SEO company that works with companies locally in California and throughout the United States and Canada create effective organic campaigns that work seamlessly with pay-per-click marketing. To see how we can help your business, call us at 858-277-1717 for a free website audit.