Top 10 Benefits of Working with an SEO Agency versus In-house SEO

SEO Benefits in San Diego, CA

Handling SEO needs in-house can mean hiring a few specialists or simply having employees do the work. When you work with a trusted San Diego SEO agency, on the other hand, you get instant access to a group of professionals who are both experts in the SEM and dedicated to building your business. If that’s not enough, here are a few other reasons to work with an agency.

1. In-House Can Be Expensive

The average salary of a web designer in San Diego is $75,000 annually–and you’re likely to need 3 to 4 other team members.

2. You Get a Suite of Knowledge

When working with an agency, you’re really getting access to expert knowledge from content writers, SEO professionals, social media experts, and website and graphic designers who are all ready to work together to deliver results.

3. Access to Newer Technology

Updating software can be time-consuming and costly. SEO agencies in San Diego routinely stay on top of advances in technology to better serve clients.

4. Your Staff Will Thank You

Distributing SEO duties among existing staff members means less productivity and more stress if they also have other responsibilities on their plate.

5. It’s Easier to Change Agencies

Making changes with in-house staff can be complicated. If you’re not satisfied with the results you’re getting from one agency, you can find another with relatively little hassle.

6. You Get a Fresh Perspective

An SEO agency isn’t coming at your marketing needs with an insider’s perspective, which initially might sound like a bad thing, but that means they are able to identify areas of opportunity overlooked by in-house staff.

7. There’s No Learning Curve

There’s no need to worry about a learning curve or taking time to train employees in the basics of SEO when hiring an agency.

8. It’s Easy to Expand Your SEO Efforts

If you need to expand your SEO efforts internally, you’ll need to hire more employees or add to the duties of your existing team. Many SEO agencies can easily scale to fit growing client needs.

9. Less Likelihood of Mistakes

SEO mistakes can be costly in terms of lost potential revenue. Agencies want to keep your business, so their teams often take added precautions to ensure that all bases are covered.

10. Better Tracking Capabilities

SEO agencies often have access to an assortment of metrics and other statistics that can determine how well each campaign is doing. They also have the ability to notice problematic patterns and make changes quickly.

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