5 Reasons Why Businesses Will Lose Without a Mobile-Friendly Website

Reasons Why Mobile-Friendly Websites are Necessary for Businesses in San Diego, CA

These days, businesses must rely heavily on internet presence to remain user-friendly and appealing to customers. It’s no longer enough to have a website designed for PCs, however. Most people are on mobile, and businesses without mobile-friendly websites may be missing out. Here are just a few reasons all businesses need a mobile-friendly site, brought to you by Saba, Inc., a leading SEO firm in San Diego.

1) Customers are on mobile

Whatever the nature of your business, customers old and new will want information. If that information is available on a website, great! But many mobile users are turned off by having to navigate a regular interface on a tiny screen, and they’re more likely to X-out than to keep looking for answers.

2) Mobile websites directly engage customers

Businesses can take advantage of small-screen culture by offering services through their mobile-friendly websites. Beyond ease of navigation, mobile websites can offer direct links to the business’ phone line, FAQs, products, product descriptions, and offer coupons or special discounts for users.

3) Selling via mobile

Now that so many businesses sell products online, it’s getting easier for mobile users to do their shopping on mobile: all a mobile website needs is an interface linked to direct-payment services such as Paypal. Businesses that shirk these options are missing out on potential sales.

4) Don’t miss out on SEO

Mobile-friendly websites get better search engine rankings. Google and Yahoo are mobile-friendly, favoring websites with mobile-friendly interfaces. A mobile-friendly website will boost traffic to the business’s website and therefore to the business. All businesses should avoid shutting out customers by having low SEO rankings.

5) Broad compatibility

Businesses with mobile-friendly websites don’t need to worry about losing Android or iOS users. Mobile-friendly websites aren’t apps, so they bypass all the difficulties and costs associated with developing apps for two separate operating systems. Mobile-friendly websites save development costs and reach a broader customer base.

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