How to Create Engaging LinkedIn Content

Tips for Creating LinkedIn Content Optimized for SEO

Gone are the days when LinkedIn was used solely as an online resume. Today, professionals who want to stay relevant and businesses who want to increase website traffic can—and should—use LinkedIn as a soundboard. From job search advice to industry-specific content, LinkedIn users can now publish posts that allow them to demonstrate their skills and knowledge, share industry news, and highlight products or services using LinkedIn’s content platform.

This is an invaluable tool for any business, so how do you harness it in a way that encourages reader engagement? Try these tips from San Diego internet marketers to get started:

1. Don’t write for the sake of writing.

While it’s important to establish a presence in your industry, readers can sniff out insincerity—and that doesn’t reflect well on anyone. Rather, find topics that genuinely interest you and focus on that.

2. Be aware of trends.

By subscribing to LinkedIn Pulse channels, you can find trending topics amongst thought leaders and contributors alike. Contribute to the conversation if you have something to say, but don’t replicate another person’s post. Redundancy won’t impress anyone, so if you don’t have enough to say to warrant a full piece, consider commenting on another article instead.

3. Develop—and keep—a unique voice.

Research is important, but through it we can occasionally adopt others’ styles. If possible, try writing some of your content before researching, then add to it after and see if your voice has changed.

4. Include a relevant image.

It’s been proven that photos often boost the views and shares of a particular post, so consider paying a visit to one of the many stock image websites out there and grabbing a professional photo for your article. It could make the difference between your piece being scrolled past in a feed or catching someone’s eye. 

Creating relevant content on LinkedIn is really quite simple if you’re willing to be patient and diligent. For more information on using LinkedIn for your business or to learn how to increase your online presence, turn to Saba, Inc. We offer PPC, social media, and SEO services in San Diego. Call us at (858) 277-1717 and schedule a free website analysis today!