Using YouTube to Promote Your Business

Promoting Your Business on YouTube

If you are a San Diego business owner or webmaster who is trying to get a brand recognized, video content may be a tool that you can take advantage of. On average, a keyword search on Google returns a results page that consists of over 50% videos. Of these videos, about 90% come from the social video sharing site YouTube. By pushing your website or business content in the form of YouTube videos, you can improve your San Diego SEO while tapping into diverse audiences.

How to Make YouTube Work for You

Creative Content

If you think of video content from a pure business perspective, you may think that commercials and advertisements are your best options. This could not be any further from the truth. In today’s online world, consumers are very wary of hard sales tactics and prefer to find content that is either informative or entertaining. Instead of advertising your product or services, create instructional videos on something related to your business. If you are a professional in a trade or area of academics, you can also provide commentary on relevant current events. Creative video content like this keeps the audience interested, so you are more likely to gain more traffic at your main website.

Engage Viewers

Some of the most successful YouTubers create content like entertainers even if their subject matter is informative. An example of this is John Green, a person who creates informative academic videos that use entertaining graphics and a bit of comedy. This makes viewers laugh while they learn, so John Green continues to gain followers while he promotes his brand. You can do the same by engaging viewers with personality while offering informative content.


As with any successful business venture, networking is a necessity. Team up with other YouTubers to create collaborative videos. This will increase your subscribers and potential website visitors. You can also contact bloggers that write about the subject matter in your videos. Offer that you will promote them in your videos if they share your videos in some of their posts. Many bloggers will be happy to engage this kind of mutual relationship, so give it a shot.

If you reach a large degree of success on YouTube, you can wield quite a large amount of marketing power. This can be used to direct traffic to both your website and business. For more information about San Diego social media management or YouTube engagement, reach out to Saba, Inc. at (858) 277-1717 and request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation and website audit. Our professional and experienced internet marketers can provide you with the tools and advice needed to increase your brand’s online visibility, leads, and sales!