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Writing for Users Rather than Search Engines – A Recipe for SEO Success

By Saba SEO, 10:46 pm on January 14, 2015

Over recent years, Google has made great strides in order to improve its search engine process and functionality. One of those monumental strides includes its new-found emphasis on informative, relative and engaging content. In simple terms, this means that Google now ranks websites based on how useful they are rather than how many keywords they’re […]

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5 Things to Avoid in 2015 for a Successful SEO Campaign

By Saba SEO, 5:34 pm on January 9, 2015

As 2015 is in full swing, many business owners are interested in optimizing their San Diego search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns to make the year remarkably profitable. If this is one of your professional goals, you should note that there are several things you should avoid doing in order to have a successful campaign this […]

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Tips for a Succesful SEO Campaign

3 Key Benefits of AdWords vs. Organic SEO

By Saba SEO, 8:00 am on January 2, 2015

While organic SEO for San Diego businesses has a number of benefits associated with it, Google pay-per-click ads have a number of advantages that may give you better results than organic results could ever hope to provide. Let’s take a brief look at the 3 key benefits AdWords holds over organic SEO. More Efficient Clicks […]

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PPC Benefits over SEO

SEO Trends for 2015: Saying Goodbye to PBNs

By Saba SEO, 10:40 pm on December 9, 2014

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies come and go. In many cases the tactics that worked amazingly well a couple of years ago will absolutely destroy your website’s rankings today. Such is the way of the Internet. But SEO specialists are always analyzing and adapting to changes with the search engines, and with the holidays upon […]

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SEO Trends for 2015

Penguin 3.0 Update Guidelines

By Saba SEO, 7:12 pm on November 11, 2014

The purpose of Penguin, a filter that sits on top of Google’s regular algorithm, is to reduce search engine rankings that violate Google’s ranking guidelines. The current update, introduced in October 2014, is Penguin 3.0, affecting less than one percent of search engine queries. While Google describes this update as a “refresh with no new […]

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Penguin 3.0

How Does Google Determine Rankings?

By Saba SEO, 9:34 pm on November 5, 2014

Google takes several different factors into consideration when determining how a site will show up after that initial search request is entered. Understanding Google’s search criteria can help you optimize your own website so that it will rank higher, preferably somewhere within the first page of returned results, since searchers aren’t likely to browse through multiple pages. […]

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Search Engine Result Pages

How to Write a Good Title Tag & Meta Description

By Saba SEO, 6:23 pm on October 28, 2014

Title tags and accompanying meta descriptions are designed to entice customers to click on your particular link when searching for products and services. Since title tags and meta descriptions are key factors in how your site is ranked on SERPs (search engine results pages), it’s important to

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Writing Title Tags and Descriptions

5 Ways to Kickstart an SEO Strategy Today

By Saba SEO, 10:52 pm on October 23, 2014

Ready to dive into search engine optimization? But what if you don’t have the time to create engaging content with the proper amount of keywords per page and monitor the results? While it is always wise to consult with a professional SEO company in San Diego for some serious implementation of SEO techniques, there are […]

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SEO Strategists in San Diego

The Importance of Hyperlocal Keywords in SEO

By Saba SEO, 10:44 pm on October 21, 2014

The key to standing out online for many business in today’s competitive marketplace is to go local – very local. Welcome to hyperlocal search engine optimization. It’s an effective strategy that can be implemented in several ways.

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Hyperlocal Search Engine Optimization

Have You Disappeared from Google’s 7 Pack?

By Saba SEO, 5:01 pm on October 14, 2014

Adding to Google’s menagerie of algorithm updates, its recent local modification “Pigeon,” was released on July 24, 2014, for American English searches. Like the release of Panda and Penguin before it, Pigeon has left some local businesses looking to make adjustments to their search engine optimization, as they find they are no longer appearing in […]

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Missing from Google 7 Pack