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Why a Content Marketing Strategy Is So Important

Content marketing is not the same as a traditional marketing campaign. In some ways, it’s easy to create content and publish it. But is that content effective? A strategic mindset is fundamentally different from a 9-to-5 mindset. Here are a few reasons it’s crucial to have a content marketing strategy for your business, brought to […]

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Content Marketing Strategies

Most Valuable AdWords Tools for PPC Managers

If you are a PPC manager, you are probably using AdWords, Google’s pay-per-click advertising service, to analyze statistics and make decisions. AdWords is useful with its most basic features, but many of its tools can greatly assist your PPC management efforts. Here are five of the most valuable AdWords tools for campaign managers. Keyword Basket […]

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Real Estate Keywords in San Diego, CA

Overused Web Design Trends to Ditch, Now

If you manage a blog or website, you probably know that implementing some of the latest design trends can make your site attractive and functional. Unfortunately, some of the most popular trends become so overused that they harm the originality of your website. This can also undermine the message you’re trying to send to your […]

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Stay Up-To-Date with Web Design Trends

An Easy Guide to Getting Started with Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics is a free social media tool that reveals information about your tweets as well as your followers, including who is following you and which tweets are successful. Routinely checking Twitter Analytics can help guide you as you continue to build your following and curate your content. Here are a few tips for getting started, […]

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Use Free Twitter Analytics to Your Advantage

Determining Your Social Media Marketing ROI

Many people use social media marketing as a tool to help them grow their business, but if you don’t know whether or not your marketing is helping your business, then all the money you are spending is wasted. After all, if you don’t know how much benefit, if any, you are getting out of your […]

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Best Social Media Marketing Tips

Build a Business Culture, Build a Committed Team

A small business is not just a “small business”. Any creative enterprise, whether a start-up, non-profit, or a boutique San Diego SEO company, is an inspired personal vision that becomes a shared vision. A shared story. The things we consider little, like a dress code (or lack thereof) and Friday morning bagels, are the building […]

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Together Everyone Achieves More!

Essential Tips to Avoid Google Penalties

The first thing to do is get to know Google Penguin and Panda. They were created to keep bad kids off the playground. But we assume you’re not playing that game. In any case, even good kids need to know Google’s SEO rules. Don’t write articles for SEO only. Spam isn’t the only thing Google […]

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Avoid Google Penalties with New Updates

3 Website Sections You Haven’t Created Yet

Back in the early days of website design, a marketer or business owner would proudly declare their website finished at one point. Today, that statement would be met with laughter, as San Diego SEO pros know now a good website is never completed. With the ever-changing nature of the Internet, you’ve got to endlessly tweak […]

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Off Page Strategies in SEO San Diego, CA

How to Build and Engage Your Pinterest Audience

If a picture can paint a thousand words, Pinterest can paint—well, a lot. It is the go-to website for shared images that create interest and build visual and contextual brand identification. The fact is that 28 percent of adults use Pinterest when they are online. Only Facebook and LinkedIn attract more attention. When done right, […]

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Use Pinterest to Boost SEO Rankings

3 Quick SEO Tips for Video Marketing

With the emergence of video parsing and Google’s Hummingbird search engine algorithm update, content marketing has seen a new explosion of informational videos driving San Diego SEM efforts. The challenge has now become one of creating video content that is both useful to the consumer and optimized for search engine rankings. In a wasteland of […]

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Use Video Marketing to Boost SEO Rankings